Lean Alaska offers a variety or workshops that are centered around Lean Six Sigma and the 

are for smaller groups with an interactive component. They include light training on specific tools needed for the workshop objective. They can be in person or virtual. Workshops will typically have an intended outcome to support the organization. 

  • Brainstorming events

  • Project charters and selection

  • 5 why events

  • 5S Events

  • Process Mapping events

  • Failure Effects and Modes Analysis (FEMA) events, used to determine risk and impact

  • Kaizen events  

Webinars: are for larger groups as a way to deliver an overview of tools and concepts. They are more of a delivery with questions and answers. Webinars will help gain interest in your organization or industry. Workshops will be the follow on to address specific needs.

  • Growth and Scale with Lean Principles

Fishbone Workshop