The Lean Forward Foundation (LF2) is in the beginning stages of becoming an integral part of the Lean Alaska vision. The vision for LF2 is to provide Lean Six Sigma Certification opportunities to Military Personnel, Spouses, and Dependents. Lean Alaska believes that process improvement and other methodologies fused within the Lean Six Sigma foundation is important for all aspects of Military life, both personal and professional. Enhancing opportunities for Active Duty and Transitioning Military, along with Military Veterans, Spouses, and Dependents to advance their personal goals and professional careers will be possible with the formation of the Lean Forward Foundation.

Who will LF2 benefit?

  • Current or Officially Accepted Dependent College Students
  • Military personnel who are in the Transition process
  • Retired Military Veterans
  • Military Spouses (Active or Retired)

Since the Foundation is still in the beginning stages, more information will be coming soon!