Lean Alaska offers a comprehensive, 24 month course that combines academic knowledge with practical application through project completions. This helps ensure that you are fully versed in every aspect of the Lean Six Sigma framework and can deliver genuine benefits in every process improvement project undertaken.
To qualify for a Lean Alaska Master Black Belt Candidate you must meet the following minimum requirements:

Portfolio Review 
  • Designed to assess the following practical applications of Lean Six Sigma to determine candidate qualifications.


  • Portfolio Review (Designed to assess the following practical applications of Lean Six Sigma)
    • Current Resume or Work History
    • Black Belt Certification (preferred with Lean Alaska, but IASSC or ASQ Black Belt Certification that is current within the last 3 years is also accepted)
    • 3 Completed Black Belt Level Projects (Lean Alaska will verify they qualify)
    • 3 year experience as a Black Belt Practitioner 
    • 5 minute video demonstrating Lean Six Sigma training (in-person or Virtual)
If you meet the above requirements please feel free to submit an application for Lean Alaska's Master Black Belt Program. 


Program Length

The Length of time for the Master Black Belt program varies depending on each candidates level of experience, certification, and project completions. It is also dependent on the candidates level of commitment, dedication, and involvement in completing all the components of the Master Black Belt Program.
The program is designed to be completed in a minimum of 24 months, but may be extended up to 36 months.


The Cost is Broken Down into Academic Training, Project Mentorship, and Practical Application Experience.
Cost will be discussed during the initial interview process.