Why Train with Lean Alaska?

Who We Train

INDIVIDUALS: Lean Alaska provides training for individuals seeking a career change, development, and or self-improvement. All of the Lean Alaska belt levels are designed from the general use perspective in order to better provide support in a variety of fields. Process improvement is a popular methodology that enhances an individuals skills to drive growth. These courses do not have to be for a specific position in process improvement; they can serve as a skill that sets you apart from the competition. The fused methodology Lean Alaska provides ensures that our training program stands apart from other training programs. Equipped with an understanding in multiple methodologies allows an individual to better decipher the best tools to utilize. It provides an individual the ability to address potential opportunities from an innovative perspective, a software development perspective, or a waste and variation reduction perspective; all while leveraging the change management skills to guarantee successful implementation.

TEAMS: Lean Alaska proudly offers Team Training! What is Team Training? Lean Alaska’s Team Training is designed to bring together a businesses members (employers, employees, staff, leadership, etc...) to engage collective support to begin process improvement efforts. Lean Alaska will help put the right team together from your business that is specific to each individual businesses needs. Lean Alaska’s Master Black Belt will sit down with your team to determine the correct training program and develop a curriculum based on your goals and vision. The fused methodology approach allows for total customization of your program for your business. Depending on your needs, Lean Alaska can tailor the training to be heavy on design thinking if you need an innovative approach to a problem or Lean Six Sigma specific if you are trying to reduce waste and variation on your current processes to increase the profit margin. With the fused methodology approach there are a number of possibilities that will best support and enhance your business needs. With in the fused methodology process, Lean Alaska also implements a tiered approach to the level of training for your team. To do so, Lean Alaska will begin with a broad training rollout at the initial levels and move to a more concentrated training program that works through the belt levels. This ensures your business is maximizing your investment. In addition to a custom training program, our staff will identify potential projects for your team members to work on during the training to ensure your return on investment is more than just trained personnel.

Open Enrollment Live-Virtual

Our live-virtual training program is live with our Master Trainer. It is an interactive training program that allows for constant conversation, simulations, group work, and immediate feedback. Our assistant instructors will monitor a live chat room to ensure that all of your questions and concerns are addressed during the training and not an afterthought. In addition to live training, students will receive access to all of the materials, templates, and additional reading material to support the course. This access will remain available after the course as well, not limited to the period of instruction. Our course is hosted on MS Teams but can be hosted on another platform for team training or at a business request.


Cancellation Policy

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt courses have a minimum class size requirement of FIVE students for WHITE and YELLOW belt, SEVEN students for GREEN belt, and TEN students for BLACK belt. If, and that is an extremely rare if…we do not have seven students signed up for the course a cancellation notification will be sent by noon on the Friday prior to the scheduled course kickoff date/time. If you or your organization already paid for the course, the money will be refunded immediately. Or you may opt to reserve your seat in the next available course and receive a $100 discount for any inconvenience.

There is no cancellation fee if you provide at least 48 hours’ notice. 

Missing Classroom Time

We understand the great demand on your time. There are meetings with important clients and deadlines you simply cannot afford to miss. Our policy for missed class time is three hours and must be worked out with your facilitator(s). That includes appointments, deadlines, and client engagements.

Failed Examination

If you fail the final examination in either LSSGB or LSSBB you will have the option to re-take the certification exam 1 additional time. To pass the exam, you must obtain a 70% or higher to receive a certificate and 80% or higher to be able to advance to the next level.