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Lean Alaska was formed in 2019 out of an overwhelming desire from individuals and businesses in Alaska who are seeking to advance their professional growth, development, and credentialing. Lean Alaska initially began as a Lean Six Sigma training program, but quickly appreciated the positive impacts of a fused methodology training and consulting program. Lean Six Sigma is the core of the program and is based on the ASQ body of knowledge. In addition to this internationally accepted program, elements of other methodologies have been interwoven into the program. Design Thinking is a user-centric, innovative approach to problem solving. Business Process Re-engineering is geared toward software development and implementation as it applies to problem solving. The foundation of Change Management that drives executive support and culture development enable these approaches to be possible. Every problem is unique, as is the path to problem resolution. 

We strive to create a culture of process improvement in your organization that drives positive outcomes and collaborative team effort. This starts with training to create a common understanding of the tools and how to use them; enhanced with mentorship and consulting to demonstrate the capability to use them. We want our clients to be able to recognize opportunities as they happen and apply process improvement tools as a preventative measure.


Open enrollment dates for all White Belt classes 2022


Open enrollment dates for all Green Belt classes 2022


Open enrollment dates for all Black Belt classes 2022


Army IgnitED has recognized Lean Alaska as a premier virtual (LIVE) Lean Six Sigma Training provider and added Lean Alaska to the approved training provider list. All of us at Lean Alaska are beyond excited to be validated by this federal tuition assistance program! More importantly, we’re excited to be able to provide and guide soldiers through the process improvement path via ARMY IgnitED. Army Credentialing Opportunities Online (COOL) is a tuition assistance program that pays for vocational and professional training courses for soldiers.

What Does This Mean?
Army soldiers can become Green Belt (LSSGB) or Black Belt (LSSBB) Certified at zero out of pocket cost. These certifications not only provide soldiers with the tools to benefit their units, it also prepares soldiers for entering the civilian workforce with process improvement experience. All of Lean Alaska certifications are approved by The Army Credentialing Assistance Program. As an added bonus, soldiers can also earn an Additional Skill Identifier (ASI, either 1W or 1Y). Lean Alaska's primary instructor is a Department of the Army certified Master Black Belt and can mentor a project to complete and facilitate submission to HQDA. All current Army requirements will have to be met to earn the ASI. Upon completion of training, the certificate can be added to the military education section of your ORB/ERB, and a validated project (equal to the level of training completed) will result in a verified project to earn your ASI.

How Do Soldiers Access These Benefits?
To utilize Army IgnitED, we recommend service members review the ARMY IgnitED process guide. Once reviewed, search for the credential/license you would like to earn using the Credentialing Assistance Program, Full Credential Search by typing in Lean Alaska in the vendor selection. You can also find LEAN ALASKA by searching Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (ICGB) or Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (ICBB), then look for Lean Alaska as the vendor (Typing in ALASKA first will quickly generate Lean Alaska as a Vendor). Once you have located Lean Alaska and selected the Green Belt or Black Belt, follow the "Apply for CA" guidelines and submit to your respective Education Service Office (ESO).
Lean Alaska is always happy to assist and answer any questions. We also recommend you work closely with your ESO when applying for the Army Credentialing Assistance Program.

                                                       Credentialing Assistance Program Process Guide                                     Credentialing Assistance Program Checklist

Note, we have found that when accessing www.cool.osd.mil in chrome, a “Your connection is not private” message is displayed. If you see this message in chrome, please try another browser. 

Credentialing Assistance (CA) is available on www.armyignited.com
  • All CA Requests must be submitted directly through ArmyIgnitED. The CA Request does not get submitted through the Education Center or Office.
  • Soldiers must submit CA Requests 30 business days from the start date of the course or exam
  • Soldiers have the option to request counseling from their Education Center or Office at any time prior to creating a CA Request
  • If Soldier does not see the vendor of choice (for training, exam, books, materials, etc.) select “Don’t See a Related Vendor?”. An email will appear requesting specific information which the Soldiers must provide to ACCESS, ArmyU who in turn will contact the vendor to update ArmyIgnitED with the information
  • It may take up to a few days prior to the start date of the course to receive approval email notifications from ACCESS, ArmyU

GREEN BELT REGISTRATION                                                       


Questions? Send an EMAIL to ArmyIgnitED@LeanAlaska.com

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