A: Process improvement refers to the practice of finding ways to make processes faster, more efficient, more reliable, or otherwise better than they currently are.
A: Fused Methodology identifies a potential opportunity within an organization or business and determines the best set of tools from the different methodologies to action that opportunity. Some situations may require a more innovative development approach and require tools from design thinking. Others may require an approach that will allow change to happen while the process is still in motion. Whatever the situation, fused methodology can be adjusted to fit your needs.
A: Both! Our first role is one of advisor to our clients to help clarify their needs and the best approach for them. We work directly with them to determine their goals and objectives to determine if they are seeking a solution for their current situation or training for professional development. Even if our relationship starts with training, it is likely it will transition into a working relationship as we work through a project.
A: Company-wide training provides a much better investment to an organization. In addition to training, it is a great team building event for the entire team. All projects selected will focus on the organization and can present an opportunity to a larger, collective project. In addition, cost per student is lower when provided for an organization.

Individual training is perfect for individuals looking for professional development in their current field or looking to enter into a new career field. Individual training also allows you to select the time of your training and the level you want to reach.

A: Our master trainer/master black belt will sit down with the senior leadership of the organization to determine the training goals, and the strategic plan that the training will support. Leadership involvement and approval is absolutely required to ensure the success of the program. Once a program has been determined, training for all those involved will begin. This will include milestone reviews of the projects, with the leadership and training feedback.
A: All virtual training is live. We have the ability to deliver the training of different platforms. While Microsoft Teams is currently our preferred platform, we can also deliver training on ZOOM and GOOGLE MEETING. All students will be given access to the platform selected at no additional cost. We believe that virtual training allows for interaction and immediate feedback to the training. In addition, we perform simulations in groups. Virtual training does also provide some advantages compared to in person training. Comfort of your own space and access to technologies will enhance the experience.
All training sessions are recorded to ensure everyone has the ability to rewatch something they may have missed in cases of emergencies
A: No!! Each level brings a different set of tools. The lower levels (white and yellow) are geared toward management and overview of programs and the upper levels (green and black) for practitioners. 
A: Our team is happy to chat with you to determine your goals and help you decide if the training is right for you and what levels will best support your desires.
A: In addition to the training slides, we provide a large library of reading material to support all of the methodologies. Tools and templates to work through the tools that are learned in training are also provided. Students will be able to download these materials during the class and will have access for 90 days after the class (or until completion of you capstone project if you selected to complete one).
A: Lean Alaska provides both training and certification. Training will culminate with a test to demonstrate knowledge of the material presented during the training. We also provide the option for a capstone project to complete certification. This capstone project will demonstrate your ability to apply the tools and skills received during training. In addition to achieving certification, this project will start to develop your personal portfolio for your professional career.
A: Yes! Thanks to COVID, it has changed our ability to conduct all training in person, but it has also provided us with the ability to connect with those not possible before. However, in person training for an organization can be conducted as long as we can meet the proper protocols to mitigate potential issues.
A: We have a few different options. You can select one of our group training events for individual training, or you can set up team training for your organization.
A: Yes!! If you select the capstone option, a specified number of mentor sessions will be provided. There will always be the option to add additional sessions if needed. Project mentorship is also included in the team training if established through a business or organization.
A: Trained students will have demonstrated their knowledge through a final exam. This exam will be a closed book exam administered at the end of the course. Certification is awarded after a student has completed a project through our capstone program. The projects are meant to demonstrate the students ability to apply the tools and techniques to achieve positive results in process improvement.

Yes!!! We capitalize on the variety of technologies that are available. For example, we use LucidArt and Miro for whiteboard collaboration, google and office for documentation, and NIFTY as a project management tool. These are only a few examples of the tools we have at our disposal and all fees (if applicable to the programs) are included in your cost. There will be no additional cost to you.