Fusion Cell


Fusion Cell provides tactical support for your separation. Our trusted advisors work with you to find the right match for your skills.

Fusion Cell is a military veteran staffing organization for teams looking to hire high-value employees. Our team is made up of former military leaders and industry experts who understand both the intricacies of the Department of Defense (DoD) and corporate needs. We all share a deep connection to the military community. And we celebrate every day how veterans add value to organizations.

Fusion Cell supplies their clients with military talent. There is a large market of veterans that often get overlooked by hiring managers simply because of a gap in understanding. Military professionals have skills and experience that fit perfectly with clients; staffing needs. But that connection isn't always clear. Fusion Cell’s CellMates help clients understand MOS codes and DoD jargon so they can hire top military talent.

Vet Academy

Military experience meets staffing expertise

At Fusion Cell, our mission is to help veterans navigate the journey back into the civilian workforce where their military values, experience, and work ethic can shine.

Our staffing experts have decades of experience bringing talent to top companies, from startups to Fortune 500. Paired with our DoD experience and personal approach, we are the trusted advisor to place military talent into civilian roles.