Amya Ranck
Videographer/Photographer (Aerial)

Assisting in delivering instruction and coordinating communication and providing Lean Alaska's videography and photography needs

Experiencing new places and growing up in unique cultures has led to the pursuit of seizing the raw beauty, in pictures, of what nature provides. Through the use of photography, videography, and aerial photography, Amya has had the opportunity to capture stories that inspire humans to consider their relationship with nature, all while promoting the preservation of wild places everywhere. 
Layered by outdoor, raw adventure, horses, and travel, Amya is know for her images that are punctuated by untamed, powerful landscapes. With the help of social media, Amy’s shares her vision of wild places with people from around the world through Iphoto Alaska.
Iphoto Alaska has provided Lean Alaska with stunning website images captured with just the use of an iPhone. Having more than 6 years experience photographing nature has led to Amya’s proficiency in recording videos both on the ground as well as with the use of a drone. Aerial photography and videography were the next step in advancing her photography portfolio.
For Lean Alaska, Amya provides the necessary photography and videography recording to support on-site walk throughs and Gemba walks. Having successfully gone through Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Green Belt training herself, she is easily able to capture the best possible images and positions for analyzing. 
Amya’s educational background includes a high school diploma and admission into the bachelors of science biology degree program with the University of Alaska at Fairbanks this fall. She is also LSS Green Belt trained for over 2 years, a Registered Yoga Instructor, a Licensed Ham Radio Amateur Extra, as well as an avid equestrian.