Lean GOLD Veteran + PSM-1 Combo Course This combination training provides a well-rounded culmination of implementing Lean tools along with a Scrum framework. This combo class is taught in a VIRTUAL-LIVE setting on MS Teams. The training is 3 weeks long, at approximately 4-5 hours each day. The combo class begins with the Lean Leaders and is followed by the PSM-1 during the last two days of training. This class is recommended for individuals who have taken Lean Alaska's Black Belt certification. This combination course builds on the vocabulary and dives deeper in the Lean Tools as well as other tools not discussed in the Black Belt course. Lean Alaska's Lean Veteran provides a drive and leadership in the Lean efforts across an organization. Lean Veteran bridges the gap and work with management on the direction and vision of the Lean initiatives, all while assisting and working with Lean Practitioners/Lean Leaders on the implementation of Lean improvement efforts. Lean Alaska holds a Lean Expert ATO (Authorized Training Organization) with IASSC and PeopleCert!!! ✓ Average Completion Time: 3 Weeks (80 hours) ✓ 100% Online Virtual Training ✓ Qualifies for 20 pre-approved PMI PDUs ✓ Lifetime Access. No Expiration ✓ Lean Alaska Digital Badge and Certificate Both Lean Veteran and PSM-1 Lean Veteran (Gold) Certification recognizes your education and training in all aspects of lean transformation across an entire enterprise. It represents career progression to a point of influence and authority over assets, processes, and people. The Lean Alaska Lean Veteran Certification provides a comprehensive training that dives deeper into the Lean tools as well as introducing new tools that will prove even more beneficial to your journey as a Lean Six Sigma practitioner. Organizations are placing a great deal of emphasis to implement Lean transformation in the workplace because they have realized that a Lean organization/business produces just what is needed, when it is needed with no additional labor, costs or time, resulting in bottom line savings for the organization or unit. If you have been charged with implementing Lean, it is important to ensure you apply the best practices and top tools and techniques when initiating and managing Lean projects. PLUS Professional Scrum Master 1 The Professional Scrum Master (PSM I) training certification validates your knowledge of the Scrum framework, the Scrum Master accountabilities and how to apply Scrum. This course pairs well with the Lean Leaders and Lean Veteran course. PSM I is recognized by the industry as a certification that demonstrates a fundamental level of Scrum mastery. Lean Alaska's Scrum training will provide the necessary preparation to take the PSM-1 through Scrum.org or PeopleCert. ** This combo course qualifies for Army IgnitED and AF COOL FUNDING! Course Schedule (FY24): LeanVETERAN + PSM-1(NOV): Starts @ 12noon to 1600 ALASKA TIME week 1: NOV 7, 2023 week 2: NOV 20, 2023 week 3: DEC 4, 2023 LeanVeteran + PSM-1(FEB): Starts @ 0700 to 1100 ALASKA TIME week 1: FEB 5, 2024 week 2: FEB 12, 2024 week3: FEB 20, 2024 LeanVETERAN + PSM-1 (MAR): Starts @ 1700 to 2100 ALASKA TIME week 1: MAR 11, 2024 week 2: MAR 18, 2024 week 3: APR 2, 2024 LeanVETERAN + PSM-1(JUN): Starts @ 0600 to 1000 ALASKA TIME week 1: JUN 24, 2024 week 2: JUL 1, 2024 week 3: JUL 8, 2024 **IASSC® is a registered trade mark of PeopleCert International Limited, used under permission of PeopleCert International Limited. All rights reserved

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