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Lean Alaska is proud to offer a wide variety of Open Enrollment Courses that meet the needs of todays busy life schedule. Live - Virtual Courses are offered in White, Yellow, Green, and Black Belt. Our most popular courses are the Live-Virtual Green and Black Belt courses. The White and Yellow belt courses are offered, but on a more requested basis.

Can't find an open enrollment course date that fits your busy schedule? No worries, Lean Alaska is currently offering a Hybrid version of All the Belt levels; White, Yellow, Green, and Black belt! When you are registering for a course, you have the option to select a Live-Virtual course with specific dates or the NEW HYBRID, self-driven learning option! 

Lean Alaska also proudly offers a Master Black Belt program. You will find more information on that below.

**The Black Belt Course also includes a "Survival Kit" that showcases small businesses that Lean Alaska works with currently and in the past to implement process improvement. These survival kits provide small samples from the companies! They are shipped out the first week of the black belt class after confirmation of the mailing address!**
Professional Scrum Master 1 The Professional Scrum Master (PSM I) training certification validates your knowledge of the Scrum framework, the Scrum Master accountabilities and how to apply Scrum. This course pairs well with the Lean Leaders and Lean Veteran course. PSM I is recognized by the industry as a certification that demonstrates a fundamental level of Scrum mastery. Lean Alaska's Scrum training will provide the necessary preparation to take the PSM-1 through Scrum.org or PeopleCert. ✓ 100% Online Virtual Training ✓ Lifetime Access. No Expiration ✓ Lean Alaska Digital Badge and Certificate **IASSC® is a registered trade mark of PeopleCert International Limited, used under permission of PeopleCert International Limited. All rights reserved

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Master Black Belts are experts responsible for the strategic deployment of Six Sigma within an organization. They promote and support improvement activities in all organization and business areas of their operation as well as at suppliers and customers.
Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt's represent the pinnacle of business process improvement expertise. This role is typically reserved for top-performing, high-potential Lean Six Sigma Black Belts who have delivered exceptional results. The Master Black Belts help shape the future of their organization by leading both the strategy and tactics of Lean Six Sigma process improvement activities.
Becoming a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Candidate, is essential for those who want to sit the Black Belt exams offered by IASSC, ASQ, and CSSC and who will be managing projects and teams using the Six Sigma process within their organizations. This comprehensive, 24 month course ensures that you are fully versed in every aspect of the Lean Six Sigma framework and can deliver genuine benefits in every process improvement project undertaken.

To become a Master Black Belt (MBB) Candidate, please contact us at Lean Alaska below by submitting a request to discuss your portfolio review.

Master Black Belt

Virtual - 24 Month Course
Lean Alaska offers a comprehensive, 24 month course that combines academic knowledge with practical application through project completions. This helps ensure that you are fully versed in every aspect of the Lean Six Sigma framework and can deliver genuine benefits in every process improvement project undertaken.
To qualify for a Lean Alaska Master Black Belt Candidate you must meet the following minimum requirements:

Portfolio Review 
  • Designed to assess the following practical applications of Lean Six Sigma to determine candidate qualifications.
  • Portfolio Review (Designed to assess the following practical applications of Lean Six Sigma)
    • Current Resume or Work History
    • Black Belt Certification (preferred with Lean Alaska, but IASSC or ASQ Black Belt Certification that is current within the last 3 years is also accepted)
    • 3 Completed Black Belt Level Projects (Lean Alaska will verify they qualify)
    • 3 year experience as a Black Belt Practitioner 
    • 5 minute video demonstrating Lean Six Sigma training (in-person or Virtual)
If you meet the above requirements please feel free to submit an application for Lean Alaska's Master Black Belt Program. 
The Length of time for the Master Black Belt program varies depending on each candidates level of experience, certification, and project completions. It is also dependent on the candidates level of commitment, dedication, and involvement in completing all the components of the Master Black Belt Program.
The program is designed to be completed in a minimum of 24 months, but may be extended up to 36 months.
The Cost is Broken Down into Academic Training, Project Mentorship, and Practical Application Experience.
Cost will be discussed during the initial interview process.
Discuss Portfolio Assessment