The Path to becoming a Certified LEAN ALASKA Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt: Lean Alaska's Yellow Belt Training is currently only available as a Hybrid-Course only for individuals. If your organization is looking to host a yellow belt training course, please contact us for more information. Below is an outline about Lean Alaska's Yellow Belt Training: Virtual-Hybrid is Lean Alaska’s option for a more flexible schedule, while still offering Live Training. Lean Alaska’s Virtual-Hybrid is NOT self-paced in the meaning everything is done on your own without the guidance, support, and mentorship of an experienced instructor. The Virtual-Hybrid course offers a series of videos of Lean Alaska’s Head instructor (Phil Ranck) teaching all the material. It's the same format, material, and critical real life experience that you find in the LIVE-VIRTUAL class, now it's on video so you have access to it at your own convenience. The Lean Alaska Yellow Belt Certificate is the next step in mastering the fundamental principles of our fused methodology. This course will provide the information needed to continue on towards the Lean Alaska Green and Black Belt Certificates. PROGRAM DESCRIPTION (HYBRID is the only option being offered for Open Enrollment) Lean Six Sigma is a business improvement methodology that can eliminate waste and improve the performance of any business process. Lean Alaska's Yellow Belt Hybrid course has been designed to provide participants with foundational knowledge and understanding of the Lean & Six Sigma (LSS) methodologies, tools and principles. This course will enable you to... o Understand and identify process waste & inefficiency o Effectively contribute to business problem solving workshops o Understand what process improvement tools are available to eliminate waste and drive customer value. Working under the direction of a Green or Black Belt, Yellow Belts are capable of enabling significant change within their organization. The Continuous Improvement Maturity Model will be introduced which charts the necessary changes organizations need to make, to move towards World Class Operational performance (Structured > Managed > Predictable > Capable > World Class). DELIVERY & DURATION The Yellow Belt hybrid course consists of a mixture of live-virtual workshops and pre-recorded course material. White Belt will be 6.5 hours to complete. The following is a breakout of the delivery methods: White: 1.5 hours of live-virtual workshops (30 Welcome Workshop and 60 minute Closeout Workshop) 10 hours of pre-recorded course material The live-virtual workshops will be scheduled by the individual student upon completion of each section. A Calendly link will be provided in MS Teams so you may freely schedule a time that works best for you. ASSESSMENT There will be a final exam at the end of the course that will be comprised of scenario type questions to help ensure full comprehension of the material. The Yellow Belt HYBRID is Open Enrollment and Registration can be done at anytime. Access to the videos will be sent to the email that you registered under within 24 hours once payment is recieved.

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