The Path to becoming a Certified LEAN ALASKA Lean Six Sigma Green Belt: WHAT IS VIRTUAL-HYBRID GREEN BELT? Virtual-Hybrid is Lean Alaska’s option for a more flexible schedule, while still offering Live Training. Lean Alaska’s Virtual-Hybrid is NOT self-paced in the meaning everything is done on your own without the guidance, support, and mentorship of an experienced instructor. The Virtual-Hybrid course offers a series of videos of Lean Alaska’s Head instructor (Phil Ranck) teaching all the material. It's the same format, material, and critical real life experience that you find in the LIVE-VIRTUAL class, now it's on video so you have access to it at your own convenience. Lean Alaska’s Virtual-Hybrid Green Belt course encompasses specific milestones to accomplish in order to continue on through the virtual-hybrid course. In between these Milestones you will select a date to go through a live-workshop with the instructor to review that specific milestones, gain access to that milestones test, ask questions, and obtain the next set of videos to proceed in the course. Self-Knowledge transfer is heavily relied on in order to successfully complete the Virtual-Hybrid Course. This is a great way for Industry and Military personnel who have limited time to dedicate large blocks of hours in a day for training. Videos are broken down into short (20-40 minutes) easily digestible blocks. Watch as many times, start and stop if you need, nothing is lost! Once you feel you are ready to move on to the next tollgate or have questions, you have the opportunity to schedule your Live-Workshop when the time is right for you! The mentorship and project charter options are the same as the Live-Instructor led Green Belt Course! You have 1 year to complete the course! How the Virtual-Hybrid is Laid out: 8 Milestones -Orientation - Live-Workshop -Project Identification & Selection -Define -Measure -Analyze -Improve -Control -Final Review and Test The Virtual-Hybrid has a rolling start date, allowing students to enroll immediately! If you are a CA (Credentialing Assistance) student, you can select the first available date in Army Ignited to begin, giving you a faster way to start your path to becoming a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. Industry personnel can also register and begin all in the same day! Need Flexibility, this course will provide that without losing the quality! PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate course will demonstrate and provide the necessary tools to measure current performance to identify process issues and how to formulate solutions. Below are the key outcomes from Lean Alaska’s Green Belt Training: - Understand Lean Six Sigma and the DMAIC methodology - Learn and apply skills in project management, process management, lean, change management, and basic statistical analysis - Understand the Green Belt’s role in a successful Lean Six Sigma deployment - Properly scope, define and lead Lean Six Sigma projects - Transition projects from phase to phase - Teaches how to Identify, Analyze and Improve process productivity problems utilizing the A3 Project Management discipline - Close out projects upon completion - Present projects to peers, managers and senior leadership - Apply methods learned in the DMAIC process to business issues - Apply basic statistical analysis to determine the relationship between key inputs and process outputs - Characterize the equation y = f(x) - Implement controls to sustain gains - Effectively manage team dynamics - Develop user persona’s - Utilize the infinity feedback loop - Identify and clarify problems through the 4 lenses DELIVERY: Lean Alaska is currently offering Virtual Training through Microsoft Teams. MS Teams is being used as the main platform due to its ability to be easily accessed and how the course content is displayed and distributed. You will utilize Calendly to make an appointment and schedule your Live-Workshop. These workshops are held at specific times depending on YOUR MILESTONE. There may be other students who also attend the same workshop because they are at the same milestone. If you find that a time is not available, please contact us so we can set up a special time. DURATION: You have 1 year from the start date to complete the Virtual-Hybrid Green Belt Course. The course is approximately 60 hours that are broken down into 8 Milestones (each with their own Live-Workshop and Test). ASSESSMENT: There will be milestone tests for each section. These tests are taken after your live-workshop with the instructor for each Milestone. The grade is compiled from each milestone. You may re-take a milestone test only after an additional Live-Workshop is completed with the instructor to ensure understanding of that particular milestone. Lean Alaska Green Belt Training will provide: - Skills to assess problems - Lead teams for small project - The tools required to move a project from start to finish - Key elements of the DMAIC - Blooms Taxonomy In addition to Lean Six Sigma, Lean Alaska's concept of Fused Methodology will incorporate principles of: - Design Thinking - Business Process Re-engineering - Change Management This course will also provide you with the skills and information to continue towards the Lean Alaska Black Belt Certificate and prepare you to sit for the IASSC or ASQ Green Belt exams. Please check out our certifications page for more information on IASSC and ASQ Certifications and exams. *IASSC® is a registered trade mark of PeopleCert International Limited, used under permission of PeopleCert International Limited. All rights reserved

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